Exclusive Members

You may have heard rumblings that there is an exclusive membership here at Grfxp that entitles you to many things above and beyond what normal customers have.

The process to becoming and exclusive member is very simple, however the chances that you will be enlisted is extremely rare.

If you would like to have a chance at becoming an Exclusive Member and have some serious bragging rights, here are some tips:

  • Must first create an account on Grfxp.com
  • Must support us by sharing or posting our products on social media, sporting our logo on your vehicle, laptop, phone, etc
  • Send us an email from the email address you created your account from, with the subject "I want to be a Grfxp Exclusive Member" and explain to us why we should select you as an Exclusive Member.  You only get one shot at this so take your time and make it good!
  • Sit back and wait, the only way you'll know you have been selected is that our Exclusive Member Black Card will be displayed on your Account Details page and a new "*Exclusive Members" link will be displayed at the top of the website.

Good Luck, hopefully you'll see one of these soon!