Create your own Skateboard Deck Graphic

Create your own Skateboard Deck Graphic

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*Only at Grfxp can design your own graphic for your skateboard deck!  Simply download our template, create your own design, save it as a JPG or PNG and upload it when placing your order.  Our team will thermal print the design on vinyl and ship it out to you to install yourself!  Measure your board and enter the length and width and we'll size the graphic appropriately for the best fitment possible.

[Click here to download deck graphic template]

Installation Guidelines:

There are no refunds or exchanges for this product as they are printed and cut to order for your application.  

  • Clean your board before installing, we recommend a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol to remove any waxes or oils.
  • Generously spray installation area with our E-Z Application Spray
  • Peel the custom graphic off of the paper backing and spray adhesive side generously with E-Z Application Spray
  • Lay the board deck graphic over the desired installation area , using a squeegee to push out bubbles and water to make for a smooth and factory looking install
  • Trim around edges carefully using an Xacto blade, apply light and even pressure to ensure you do not scar your skateboard.  Peel trimmed vinyl back and repeat squeegee process to remove any remaining installation fluid or bubbles.