GRFXP E-Z Vinyl Application Solution w/Spray Bottle

GRFXP E-Z Vinyl Application Solution w/Spray Bottle

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Our own application fluid formula for auto, boats, signs and graphics.  Aids in wet application of decals, graphics and films to help prevent bubbles or wrinkles, as well as repositioning.  Can also be used as a cleaner.

Instructions: Clean installation area, shake bottle well then generously spray the installation area with E-Z application fluid.  Remove transfer tape from vinyl and position the decal.  Squeegee firmly, at this time the vinyl is beginning to bond to the surface.  We recommend waiting until fully dry to slowly remove the transfer tape.  Be careful when removing the transfer tape if you did not allow enough time to dry as the vinyl may have not yet bonded to the surface.

We recommend the GRFXP E-Z Vinyl Application Spray for larger graphics, banners or any wrapping. 

PLEASE NOTE: This solution is NOT simply soap and water, it is a professional installation product formulated to work with the adhesives found in vinyl and films.

Approximate 3oz of fluid per bottle.