Headlight Overlays for EP3 Honda Civic Hatch (2001-2005)

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*Our overlays for the EP3 Civic are pre-cut to cover the front section of the headlight, up until the signal area. 

Shown installed in “Neochrome”.  Product photo in "Transparent Yellow."

To install: If you are doing the install yourself, we recommend spraying the adhesive side of the overlay with our E-Z Application Spray and slide into place.  Squeegee out bubbles using our Ultimate Felt Squeegee and excess application spray starting at the outside area of the headlight, working your way in.  When you get to the inner section of the headlight, apply heat to the overlay to bend and mold it where the headlight turns in, take your time and work at it.  Any remaining bubbles will go away in time or when out in the sun for an extended period of time.

Grafixpressions recommends a professional installation if you are not comfortable wrapping or installing vinyl tint material.  Please be aware that there are no refunds or exchanges for failed customer installations.