Mugen "RR" Aluminum Leather Wrapped 6-Speed Shift Knob

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This is the shift knob that you've been waiting for! First seen in the 8th Generation Mugen Civic RR and available only to owners of that vehicle, this hand made shift knob has finally been made available in limited quantities to the general public. Featuring a beautiful leather wrapped ball design with laser etched 6 speed shift pattern. Grfxp has purchased a few knobs for test fitment and measurements and are now up for sale, in new condition with original packaging.

Retail price is $175, because we have handled the knobs, we're offering them at a discounted price, please note All knobs are in like-new condition.  Returns are not allowed for this product.

Available in red and black.

Part Numbers:

54102-XMEB-K0S0-BK (Black)

54102-XMEB-K0S0-RD (Red)

Applications: (all manual transmission Honda models)